20 Easy Ways To Save Money
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20 Easy Ways To Save Money

If you want to know how to save money every month, this is the article for you. I take you through 20 easy steps that will soon be saving you a lot of money

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Make a list when you go shopping

This is the number one piece of advice. If you have a tendency to buy with your eyes and always come home with a little more than you should – then you should definitely make a list beforehand – in my experience, you can save a lot on your shopping if you just stick to the list.

Buy larger quantities at the grocery store

And then make large portions you can freeze. Food always costs less the bigger the quantity, so use this and make portions for the entire week/month, freeze it and then prepare it when you need it.

Make date nights at home

Have a movie night with blankets and a bowl of snacks – it is cheaper than going to the movies. Choose a movie both of you haven’t seen before, and enjoy it together.

If you want you can try this quiz that I made: How many of the TOP 100 MOVIES from the 2019 BOX OFFICES have you seen?

Lent books, movies, and games from the library or buy it secondhand

Instead of using $50+ on a new game – try and find something that has been used before, or go to the library and take home a book or a movie.

Get Kindle Unlimited

If you don’t like going to the library, but you like to read a lot of books, or if you just want to own the books you read, then you should definitely try Kindle Unlimited. It is a service that lets you read and listen to books on any device, and it will save you a lot of money on books.

Look for free entertainment

Free concerts, stand-up shows, lectures, etc. There is always someone who wants to make a name of themself and therefore host a free show or lecture – it might not be a well-known name, but who knows, it might be fun

Go through your bills

Next up is making sure you are only paying for what you need. If you have 5 streaming services but only watch 3 then it is time to let the other two go – you can always go back. As a matter of fact, sticking with 1 streaming service a month and then switching it for the next month will make you feel as if there is always something new to watch but will save you A LOT of money in the end.

Leave the car at home

Walk, run or use your bicycle to get to work. It is cheaper AND you will get some solid and healthy excercise!

Cut the Cable TV

How much cable tv are you watching? If you are watching Netflix, Disney+, or Amazon Prime then chances are you are not watching cable that much. Cut it and save money.

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Turn off the lights

Don’t leave the lights on when you leave a room. Turn them off and pull the plug instead of leaving your appliances on stand by.

Make your own lunch from home

Making your own lunch is one one of the ways you can really save money.
Think about how much money you spend on lunch a day? Calculate how much that is a week or even a month, and you’ll soon come to realize that making your own lunch is well worth it.

Vegetables Garden

Vegetables, fruits, and herbs are cheaper if you grow them yourself, and it is a more eco-friendly choice. So if you have the opportunity to do so, I would highly recommend growing your own food in your garden

Eat greener

Meat and fish are expensive. So if you really want to feel your wallet staying thick the entire month then have as many meat-free days as possible and make sure the main part of your meal is always vegetables.

Buy seasonal and local

Buy the fruits and greens that are in season and from your local market. Seasonal vegetables are cheaper to buy.

Buy from outlets

Outlets are famous for their low prices – Amazon has one where you can save A LOT of money

Thrift shopping or buy used clothes online

For your wallet (and the environment) sake, try and buy secondhand clothes. Often you can’t even tell that the clothes have been worn before, and especially not after you wash it. You can save a lot of money this way, and help the environment by making a greener choice

Buy things on bulk sale

There is a lot of money to be saved if you buy huge bulks from your supermarket of things like toilet paper, toothpaste, shampoo, etc.

Buying the cheap brand

Whether it be food, cosmetic or clothes – the cheaper brand is not always a bad thing. 
It can save you a lot of money!


Move into a smaller house/apartment in an area that is cheap – this way you can save money each and every month in rent.

Buy used textbooks

As a former student, I know how expensive textbooks are. However, if you buy them used you can save up to 90% – Did you know that Amazon has a whole section dedicated to this? If you want to know more, click here.

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Thank you for reading

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