28 different things you can do on a rainy day
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28 different things you can do on a rainy day

It is often difficult to find things you can do when you are bored. Especially on a rainy day when you have to be inside and are limited in your possibilities of doing things. Everyone knows that when the weather is sunny, there are a lot of opportunities to do a lot of fun things. But why doesn’t that apply on a rainy day as well?
The next time someone says they are bored, show them this list (there is also a share button on the left side of the screen if you want to send it to them). You can also save it for yourself, so you can always get inspiration for what you can do when it rains, or you get bored.
Here are 28 suggestions for different things you can do on a rainy day.

1. Girls Night

Defy the rain and make it a girls night, where you watch all the best chick flicks on Netflix. Serve some wine, sweets and slice some carrots, celery- and cucumber sticks and serve them with some dip, and enjoy a lovely relaxing evening.

2. Jigsaw

So, this is one of the greatest things you can do when the rain is pouring down on your window. Put on some good music and get started. It can take all day.

28 different things you can do on a rainy day
28 different things you can do on a rainy day

3. Paint

How long ago has it been since you were really creative? It’s time for you to find your old painting equipment and swing the brush.

4. Time to redecorate

It is time to move the furniture around, whether it is in your room or throughout your apartment. Try and draw how it might look first and then try to do it. It is fun to play interior decorator for a day.

5. Call and/or write old acquaintances

Today is the day when you have plenty of time to catch up on old acquaintances, friends, or family members you have not spoken to in ages. Why not call your grandmother? Or write a letter to/text your best friend from school, you know, the one you have not talked to for a long time?

6. Binge-Watch a whole season

Aaaaah. That’s life. To lie on the couch, turn on the tv and choose your absolute favorite series. Watch it from episode one until the end and enjoy it. Or choose a brand new series you have wanted to start for a long time.

7. Wardrobe

There is no doubt that if you are bored, a cleanup can always make life more fun. You have to sort through your clothes! Find a bag and sort everything thoroughly. When one day it is no longer raining, you can appropriately give it to a thrift shop or try to sell it.

8. Spoil yourself

There is nothing better than a little bit of self-treatment when the weather is grey, and you are bored. Take a shower, put on your bathrobe, and spoil yourself. Do a facemask, scrub, nails hair, and what else you can think of.

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9. Books Books and More Books

That book on the shelf that you have wanted to open for a while now is a perfect time. Sit down, relax, and enjoy reading.

28 different things you can do on a rainy day
28 different things you can do on a rainy day

10. Making decorations

It is time for your creative side to shine. You have to spend the day making different kinds of decorations. For example, you can make jewelry. Or what about hair decorations? You can also go entirely into fun mode and make Christmas decorations, regardless of which month it is.

11. Shopping

It is simply AMAZING that shopping can be done from home these days, especially when it’s raining. Go through all your favorite shopping sites and see if you can find a good bargain.

12. Travel

Traveling is fun, and therefore, a rainy day is a perfect time to book the next trip. Where’s the journey going?

13. Movie-marathon

It is a lot of fun to watch a lot of movies in a row, especially if there is a connection between the films. For example, you can make a movie marathon based on genre – maybe horror movies? Or how about some hilarious comedies? You can also watch a movie series such as the ‘Sex and the City’ films or ‘The Lord of the Rings’ movies.

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14. Personal development

Grab a notebook and write down the things you’d like to do better. It can be anything from tiny things to bigger dreams and aspirations in life. It provides a beautiful self-insight and allows for self-development to a greater or lesser extent.

15. Cleaning

It may not sound like the most exciting, but it has to be done, and therefore, it is quite clear to do it on a rainy day.

16. Jewelry Sorting

You probably have a ton of jewelry you’ve seldom sorted through. Now you have the time. It will give such a great feeling when it’s done, and it’s also fun because you have a chance to take a walk down memory lane.

17. Let them eat CAKE!

YES! The world’s most fabulous idea – you have to bake a cake. And eat it afterward, of course.

28 different things you can do on a rainy day
28 different things you can do on a rainy day

18. Pinterest

Do you know Pinterest? You can spend many hours clicking around in there, and pin things you want to try or want to make. If you wish, you can follow me on Pinterest here.

19. The Kitchen Cabinets

One can always find all kinds of things in the kitchen cabinets that should not be there anymore. Sort through them and clean them.

20. Gaming

It is not every day you get to game, right? If you own a PlayStation, It is obviously the one you need to grab. Otherwise, there are plenty of fun games online games that you can play on your computer. Or how about finding a new game in AppStore to play on your phone?

21. Meal plans

Planning is the way forward, and it is inspiring to have a meal plan every week. Make sure to hang it on the fridge to be inspired when you need to go grocery shopping.

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22. Your phone

It is not only necessary to clean up your apartment. Sometimes your phone could use a thorough cleaning. Do you use all your apps? Do you have phone numbers from years back? Like a number for a plumber from when you lived at your old apartment? Go through your phone and delete all of the unnecessary things.

23. Wish List

A wish list is always useful. It does not matter if there are months until Christmas or that your birthday was last week. It is just about scribbling a lot of wishes down.

24. Crosswords

Does it sound like something only Grandmas would do? That’s true, but it doesn’t make it any less fun. For it is quite entertaining to do a crossword, and it is also challenging.

28 different things you can do on a rainy day
28 different things you can do on a rainy day

25. The Computer

When you are done cleaning your phone, why not also clean up your computer. It will last longer if you do and maybe stop being so slow.

26. DIY

Does your shelf need a new color? Or what about the coffee table, couldn’t it use a grinding? There are plenty of DIY options when it comes to home decor. It’s just about being creative – you can find a lot of inspiration for DIY project and crafts on Pinterest.

27. Sorting your pictures

Would it not be nice if all your pictures were sorted, so only the best was left. In today’s world, where it only takes 5 seconds to snap a photo, we carry A LOT of them around on our phone, and the computer, and chances are you’ve taken multiple pictures of the same thing to get a good snap. So take the time and go through them. Maybe you can create a folder for the ones you would like to get printed.

28. Crocheting

The newest and ultimately best hobby on the market is with no exception crocheting. This is perfect for those who are bored! You can find a lot of inspiration and free recipes on Pinterest!

28 different things you can do on a rainy day
28 different things you can do on a rainy day

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