Beefburgers with french fries, peas and sauce Bernaise
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Beefburgers with homemade French Fries, Peas and Sauce Bernaise

Homemade sauce bearnaise is actually quite easy to make when you have gotten the hang of it – and adheres to the simple rule that you should never let go of the whisk while the pan is on the stove, have patience and cook at the lowest heat.

And what better way to serve you homemade sauce bearnaise than with a beefburger and some homemade air-fried french fries


For the Beef Burgers you will need

1 pound of Beef Meat (500g)




Onion powder

Oil or Butter to fry the beef in

For the homemade French Fries you will  need

3 Baking Potatoes


Dried Chili powder

1 tablespoon of Olive Oil

For the sauce bearnaise you will need

250 g Butter

4 tablespoon if White Wine Vinegar

White Wine Vinegar can be hard to find, so I have linked the one I normally use

Click the picture to follow the link

Domaine de Provence Tarragon Wine Vinegar

1 dl water

2 finely chopped shallots  or 1 onion

1 handful of fresh tarragon – keep the leaves and stems separated

4 egg yolks

1 tablespoon lemon juice


Black pepper

Serve with peas on the side


Making the beefburgers

Mix the beef with the spices. Use a hamburger press to shape the beef burgers to keep them moist and delicious.

I use this one.

Click the picture to follow the link

Weston Burger Express Hamburger Press with Patty Ejector

Heat up a frying pan and use the oil to fry the beef burgers (3 minutes on each side), let them rest 1 or 2 minutes for the best result.

Making the French fries (in airfryer)

Start by cutting your potatoes into the shape you want them. You decide the thickness yourself. Be careful not to make them too thin, as they tend to burn.

Put your potato sticks in a bowl and pour water over them. They must be completely covered with water. It helps with pulling the starch out of the potatoes. 15-20 minutes is fine, but longer is also okay. The less starch the more crispy the french fries.

Pour the water from the potato sticks and pour your french fries onto a dry tea towel. Use the cloth to dry them.

It may seem pointless to dry potato sticks, but the less fluid you bring down into your Airfryer, the better the result you’ll get.

Put your French fries in your Airfryer and pour the oil over. Give them 30 minutes.

I use this one which is currently ranked #242 on Amazon’s bestseller list in the Kitchen & Dining category.

Click the picture to follow the link

GoWISE USA 1700-Watt 5.8-QT 8-in-1 Digital Air Fryer

When there are about 5 minutes left before the fries are finished, you can lift the lid a little and add salt. Then the stirrer ensures that all your french fries are finely salted in the last 5 minutes.

Play with the seasoning. Try adding the dried chili powder or fresh herbs.

Making the sauce Bearnaise

First, the butter must be clarified. This is done by slowly heating the butter in a pan. When the butter has melted, a white buttermilk-like precipitate has accumulated in the pan.

The clarified butter is slowly poured into a jug and the white precipitate is thrown out.

Put the tarragon stalks in a clean saucepan – the tarragon leaves are peeled off and laid aside – add vinegar, water, finely chopped onion, as well as a little salt and pepper.

Let it boils and reduce in until there is approx. 3-4 tbsp. bearnaise essence left.

Sieve away all the stuff so that only the pure essence is left and then put the essence in a clean pot, now put that on the next to lowest heat!

Put the egg yolks in the pan and whisk till it froths and the egg yolks begin to thicken. Maybe you have to turn up the heat a little bit before the egg yolks thicken, but it is important that the sauce is whipped all the time and the egg yolks thicken before the butter is whipped – because otherwise, the sauce will be too thin.

When the egg yolks thicken, turn down to the lowest heat and whisk the butter very slowly. Occasionally, take the pan off the heat, but keep whisking constantly! Add a tbsp of butter – the first 10 tablespoons are added one at a time. And then add butter in a thin stream until all butter is used.

The pot of bearnaise must at no time stand on the heat without being whisked. If this happens the bearnaise separates and likewise if it is heated again.

It is okay if the Bernaise is not boiling hot when served.

Just before serving, the bearnaise is tasted and seasoned with lemon juice, salt, pepper, and the finely chopped tarragon leaves.

If the bearnaise separates, then a new pan with one fresh egg yolk is started and the separated sauce is whisked very slowly in it. It should save the separated bearnaise.

Serve it all together with peas and enjoy your Beefburgers with french fries, peas, and sauce Bernaise

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