Healthy Vitamin Rich Juice Recipe
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Healthy Vitamin Rich Juice Recipe

I love a healthy start to the day. When I wake up and get my daughter out of bed, I make myself a delicious juice that gives me a vitamin boost and helps me start my day in the best way possible.


Apple juice (you can use regular apples, but I find it easier blending the banana and the passionfruit in apple juice)


Juice from 1 orange


½ a banana

½ a passionfruit


Use a juicer to make juice out of the pineapple, mango, and orange.

I use this juicer

(click on the picture to follow the link)

Mueller Austria Juicer Ultra

Next, you can use the juicer to juice the passionfruit and banana, but be warned it’s really messy so what I normally do is put the banana and passionfruit in a Nutribullet and blend it to pieces, with the apple juice and the juice I have just freshly made.
I use this Nutribullet, it is great for making smoothies too

(Click on the picture to follow the link)

NutriBullet NBR-1201 12-Piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer System, Gray (600 Watts)

But alternatively you can use this smaller one, just make sure you mix in the ingredients little by little if you decide to make a smoothie.

(Click on the picture to follow the link)

Magic Bullet Blender, Small, Silver, 11 Piece Set

After this, you can choose to remove the pulp with a sieve ( not everyone likes it) or just leave it in.

Now you are ready to pour your freshly homemade juice in a glass and enjoy it

If you are in a hurry or would like to enjoy your juice to-go, you can buy these to go with the Nutribullet, they are really worth it

(Click the picture to follow the link).

Blendin Flip Top To Go Lid with 24oz Tall Cup,Fits Nutribullet 600W 900W Blenders (2 Pack)

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