Hephaestus – God of blacksmiths and fire
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Hephaestus – God of blacksmiths and fire

Now that I have told you about Aphrodite – The Goddess of Love it is time to take a look at Hephaestus – God of blacksmiths and fire

Hephaestus is the son of Zeus and Hera. He is born a cripple, which is why Hera throws him down from Mount Olympus in disgust. Fortunately, he falls into a lake where the sea goddess Thetis, who raises him, picks him up. He is the blacksmith’s god and one of the most beloved gods; He is righteous, helpful and generally has many virtues that his father Zeus and the other gods lack. Despite his apparent disability – he is paralyzed – Hephaestus is married to the most beautiful of the goddesses, Aphrodite. It is not a happy marriage as Aphrodite is unfaithful with Ares.

Hephaestus has his forge underground, some believe it is located in Etna, Sicily. In spite of his good qualities, Hephaestus wants Hera to pay for what she did when he was a child, so he sends her a beautiful chair that he has made. When Hera takes a seat she must stay there until Hephaestus comes and releases her. 

He is best known for producing weapons. For example, he makes a shield for the hero Heracles, and during the Trojan War, when Achilles gave his weapons to his friend Patroclus, his mother Thetis goes to Hephaestus, whom she has raised, and asks him to make armor for Achilles. Hephaestus then forges the famous shield, full of images as described in the 18th song of the Iliad, which no weapon can penetrate. Then he forges an armor that shines brighter than fire, a solid helmet with a tassel of gold threads and a pair of leg armor made of tin.

If you want to read more about greek mythology, I highly recommend Mythos by Stephen Fry

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Next time I will tell the tale of Apollo – god of music, light, poetry, medicine, and prophecy

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