Hestia - Goddess of the Hearth
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Hestia – Goddess of the Hearth

Now that I have told you about  Demeter – The goddess of the grain and harvest it is time to take a look at Hestia – Goddess of the Hearth

Not much is known about Hestia, except that she was perhaps the most humble and unknown virgin goddesses of Greek mythology.

Hestia is a Greek deity for fireplace/hearth and protector of the house, home, family. Hestia’s central role appears from the Homeric Aphrodite hymn: “In the middle of the house, she thinks and chooses the best. Around every temple, she is honored and honored among gods, and with every mortal, she commemorates the others “.

Newborn babies and new slaves were led around the hearth and were considered blessed by Hestia, and a stranger (or a criminal) could seek refuge at the fireplace. At each meal, a sacrificed were made to the hearth. In many city-states, Hestia had a sanctuary, where an eternal flame burned on the “hearth of the state.”

She is in the daughter of Kronos and thus one of the Olympic gods, but she has no independent mythology. She is considered the oldest goddess on Mount Olympus.

Both Hestia’s brother Poseidon and her nephew, Apollon, approached her with sexual intend according to myths. However, she fled, and when they followed her, she threw herself at the feet of Zeus, and then, with a hand on his head, swore to remain virgin. Like Athena and Artemis, Hestia never had any sexual relations.

Next time I will tell the tale of Aphrodite – the goddess of love

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