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How to publish your book on Kindle

This post will guide you through a part of the Amazon Jungle ( no pun intended ) and help you with tips on how to publish your book.

Write your book

In order to publish your book, you first have to write it.

If you are writing in Word a tip for you is that for every page you write (Font: Calibri and size 11) you have to multiply by 2,35 in order to know how long your book will be once you publish it (this is just my experience).

If you are looking for tips on how to write a book, an enjoy it. I have written a post about it here

Or how about reading 10 tips on how to become a writer

Table of content

Consider having a table of content, especially if you are writing a non-fiction book. The names of your chapters should be a teaser for the reader so they will keep reading your book.

Edit your book

This is, besides writing your book, THE most important step!

Bad editing = bad reviews!

Bad reviews = No sales!

So take your time with this one.

Consider having a professional edit your book.

Your books format

Amazon accepts the following formats: ePub, plain text, Mobipocket, HTML, PDF, and rich text format.

You can also download Kindle Create and make your book into a manuscript.

The manuscript is the one you in the end upload to publish your book.

You can upload a Word file and Kindle Create will automatically format the file into a Kindle Create file.

However, before you press publish, look it through and edit until you are satisfied with the result.

Make sure the chapters look the way you want them to.

Then press “save” and then press publish.

You will now see a file downloading.

Name it your books name to make it easier to find, when you want to upload your manuscript later.

Have a professional cover

Make sure you have a professional cover.

Bad covers are easy to spot, and the book will not sell unless it looks professional.

When you have a cover, you are ready to upload it.

When you have followed, the steps above, you are ready to dive into the self-publishing process.

What is next?

Now you can go to your bookshelf and click on Create a New Title.

Pick between an e-book and paperback.

If you pick the e-book, do not worry.

After you have published your e-book, Amazon will ask you if you would like to make your book into a paperback too. More on this later.

Step 1

Set up your KDP account. Amazon needs your tax information so they can pay you royalties for your work.

Step 2

This is where you enter the details of your book.

What is the title of your book?

What author name would you like to be written on your book?

How will you describe your book?

Step 3

This is where you upload your Kindle Create manuscript or PDF file, and your book cover.

Make sure you look through your book again and make sure everything looks the way you want it.

Step 4

The last part before you publish your book is the part where you decide how much money your book is going to cost and what kind of royalty payment you will receive.

For better details on how much your book shall cost and how much you will get be paid, here is a list of the specific details

If you still do not know what prize you should set your book to, do not worry.

Amazon will calculate just how much royalty payment you will receive on your book.

If you want to own the rights for your book worldwide, you have to tick of the box that say “Worldwide rights”

You are now ready to publish

After this, you are ready to publish.

When you have published your book, you will get the option to publish your book as a paperback too.

The steps are similar to the steps above.

However, you should know that Amazon takes a small amount of your sale for printing costs.

Here is a link for more details.

That is it!

Congratulations on publishing your book!

Now it is time to start promoting.

I will write a post on this in the next couple of weeks, so click subscribe in the box on the right side, and stay updated on my latest posts.



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    March 21, 2019 at 6:33 pm

    Yes. I’ve done a test run of an extract, so I’m kind of familiar with the process. But this will be a serious effort, so I’d like to get it right.

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      March 21, 2019 at 6:50 pm

      How exciting! Best of luck to you

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    March 21, 2019 at 6:27 pm

    A timely post. I’m hoping to publish my first full story today. Very important to get it right!

    • Reply
      March 21, 2019 at 6:30 pm

      I wish you every bit of luck, and I hope my blog post may provide some help in the self publishing jungle ☺️
      Are you going to publish through Kindle?

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