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How to write a book and enjoy it

When I started writing my book, I thought it was going to be a piece of cake. How wrong was I? You can experience self-criticisms, loss of motivation and even question why you decided to write a book in the first place.

Do not worry. The feeling you get the moment you have finished your book is beyond words.

I soon discovered that there were ways I could keep myself motivated through the time it took me to write my first book.

If you are an aspiring author, and you want to start writing your book, here are some tips for making it enjoyable.

First things first.

How to write a book


Start with figuring out what your book is going to be about. Is it a drama, a love story or a horror? What are you trying to tell with your book?


Keep a notebook beside you at all times. That way you can take notes if you suddenly come up with a great idea for a chapter or a character.


Start writing. The hardest part of the entire process of creating a book and publishing it is the writing process. 

As Jodi Picoult once said,

“You can always edit a bad page. You can’t edit a blank page.”

So start writing.


Set a goal for yourself. How many words a day do you want to write?


Get a writing routine. Write at the same time during the day. Write in the same place. Making a new habit is not easy, but it will be worth it in the end.


Have a deadline set in your head on when you should have finished writing your first chapter, and figure out how many words a day or pages you need to write in order to reach your deadline.


Find a way to stay motivated. Writing a book can be exhausting, so make sure you do it even though you would rather take a nap or go watch television. If you are constantly checking your phone or your watch you are not going to be able to reach your deadline. Try setting an alarm to one hour on your phone and then put it away. This way you can concentrate on being in the writing process. Your phone will let you know when you can take a break or have finished.


Write to your audience. Think about the story you want to tell, and write it as if the reader were sitting across the table from you. Chances are that if you find a chapter boring or protracted the reader will too.


Make the first draft. It does not matter if it is full of mistakes; the point is to have something you can edit. A draft is the outline of your story. There will be plenty of time filling it in and correcting mistakes later.


Read your book and edit it! You can also hire an editor if you want a professional to do it.


Have a friend, family member or a colleague read your book and get some great feedback.  


When you finish your book, try to put it away for a week or two and then read it through again. Sometimes you can be so caught up in your book that you cannot see the forest for the trees, and the same goes with writing.

How to make it enjoyable


Writing a book takes time, and you want to make sure you do not associate it with being a sore back or arms when your day is done.


Allow yourself to take some time off for example on the weekends. There is no need to be a hermit just because you are writing a book.


Make some tea or coffee. Have a healthy snack like an apple nearby. Place your computer in the center. Have your notebook lying on the table. Try to keep it as simple as possible so you are not distracted.


Keep a to-do-list of the things you want to achieve on your writing today, where you can visually see when you have completed a task


Think about the future when you have released your book. The feeling you will get when you have accomplished this task. And use this as motivation along the way (you will need it at some point)


Exercise before you write if possible. Your body and brain renew its energy after a workout and you will feel more ready to write your book.


Reward yourself when you have reached your goals. Think about something that can help you stay motivated.


Think about the impact you are going to have on the reader. Your words might move them or get their blood pumping with excitement. Either way, it is a sweet thought, right?


If things get tough, ask yourself why it was you started writing our book. You had an idea you wanted to bring to life. Writing is hard work but the reward, in the end, is WORTH it.


Have a good 30-minute break, when you are halfway done with today’s goal. Reenergize and come back and write the last half of your goal. Just remember, to actually come back again.


Enjoy when you reach today’s goal. YOU DID IT!

Lastly but not least.

Enjoy that you have finally decided to embrace the writer in you – Good job!

Let me know in the commentary if you have some other great advice you want to share



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