Nachos with Chicken and Homemade Guacamole and Salsa
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Nachos with Chicken and Homemade Guacamole and Salsa

Having a date night with homemade nachos and a movie is one of me and my husband’s favorite things to do, and this recipe is so easy, quick and delicious. Nachos can both be served as an appetizer and snack and as dinner.


Nachos (for a bit more spice you can use nachos with flavor, for example, chili or cheese)

1 Jalapenos

200g Chicken breast

Grated mozzarella cheese

Grated cheddar cheese

Salt, Pepper, and Paprika

Oil for frying the chicken

Sour Cream on the side to dip the nachos in

You can either buy premade salsa and guacamole or make it yourself.

I find it extra delicious if you make the dips yourself.

For the salsa, you will need

3 chopped tomatoes

½ chopped red onion,

½ chili peppers, seeds removed and chopped

1 – 2 chopped or pressed cloves of garlic

Juice from 1 lime

1 – 2 tablespoons of olive oil

2 tablespoons of chopped coriander

Salt and Pepper

½ teaspoon of sugar

For the guacamole you will need:

2 mature avocados

1,5 tablespoons of sour cream

1 small clove of garlic

1 small shallot or ¼ red onion

The juice from ¼ organic lemon

½ teaspoon of cayenne pepper

Salt and Pepper


Turn the oven to 200C or 180C fan.

Cut the chicken breast and the jalapenos into smaller pieces, and cook them together in oil in a frying pan and season it with salt, pepper, and paprika.

Put the nachos into a dish and put the cooked chicken and jalapenos mix in it, top it off with grated mozzarella and cheddar cheese.

Heat it in the oven for 3-5 minutes or until the cheese is melted, watch it carefully the nachos burn easily.

Salsa recipe:

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and season with extra salt, pepper, chili, sugar or lime juice. Let the salsa rest a little before serving.

Guacamole recipe:

Split the avocado in half and remove the stone. Take the avocado flesh out of the shell and put it in a bowl. Mush it with a fork.

Peel the shallot and garlic. Chop the shallot into small pieces and squeeze the garlic with a garlic press. Put it into the bowl with the avocado, and stir it all together.

Add sour cream and stir again.

Season with lemon juice, salt, pepper, and cayenne pepper. Serve immediately.

If you want the guacamole to be smoother, you can blend it before seasoning it.

I use my Nutribullet blender, it gets the job done perfectly.

Click the picture to follow the link

NutriBullet NBR-1201 12-Piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer System, Gray (600 Watts)

Enjoy you Crunchy Nachos with chicken, and homemade guacamole and salsa!

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