Pasta salad with sausages - Family portion
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Pasta salad with sausages – Family portion

Every now an again you want dinner or lunch that is really easy and lasts for days! This recipe does just that.


500g Pasta cooked al dente

400g Sausages sliced and fried in a pan

100g Snap Pea

60g Cucumber

1 Handfull Cherry Tomato

1 Sweet snack Pepper

¼ head of Crispy salad

Salad dressing


Feta Cheese and Sweet corn if you like it


Cook the pasta al dente and slice and fry the sausages on the pan.

Let the pasta cool off a bit after it is done.  

Wash and slice the crispy salad, tomatoes, cucumber, snap peas and sweet snack pepper.

Mix it all together in a big bowl and serve with dressing, Feta cheese, and sweet corn.

We normally don’t put the sweet corn in the bowl, because of the texture they get the next day and trust me when I say, you will have plenty of leftovers.

We use one of these when we want to make a big batch of salad for the refrigerator.


Serve and enjoy!

Pasta salad with sausages - Family portion
Pasta salad with sausages – Family portion

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