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What my day looks like

I have been busy writing my new book (no spoilers yet), which is why I have been so quiet lately.

In more recent time, I have been asked the following question often.

Do you just sit at home all day and write?

I get this question a lot. The short answer is no. I do not just sit around and write all day.

I have a family that needs to function too, so to make it work, I run a very tight ship.

Here is how a typical day of my life looks like

6.30 am I get up and wake my daughter. She takes care of most of the things regarding herself, e.g., packing her back, making lunch for school and preparing breakfast for herself. I let the dog out and make sure all the animals have food and fresh water. My daughter and I sit at the table and eat breakfast together. My husbands day starts 2 hours before ours does, so he is long gone when we get up.

7.30 am I drive my daughter to school.

8.30 am I am home again and make myself a cup of tea, turn on the computer and prepare my workspace for the day with notebooks, pens and lots of paper. Then I sit down and check my email and my SoMe.

9.00 am The beautiful writing process starts or ugly if I am doing a chapter or a character which I feel strongly about (you can’t really like all your characters, right?)

11.00 am LUNCH, and then I check my emails and SoMe again.

11.30 am The writing starts again. I often spend the last 30 minutes to an hour a day preparing a new blog post.

2.00 pm I turn my computer off. It is time to pick up my daughter from school. We spend time together playing games or baking or do other fun stuff together

3.30-9-pm My husband comes home, we make dinner and, my daughter goes to sleep, and so do we.

We have done this routine for the past three years, and it works. I get work done, and I still get to be a huge part of my daughter’s life.

I know I am very fortunate to have a loving and understanding husband, who supports me no matter what.

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Sincerely, Elena

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