Zeus - God of The Sky and Thunder
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Zeus – God of The Sky and Thunder

Zeus is the Greek main god and god of the sky and thunder. He is the son of Kronos and Rhea. He is called Lord of Justice and stands for the protection of the state (the city), the family and strangers, as well as the guardian of morale, for example, by ensuring that promises are made. The marriage vow, however, he is not so concerned about, having countless illegitimate relationships with both goddesses and ordinary mortals. Zeus is exceptionally potent, both in and out of the bedroom. He is predominantly heterosexual, but he does have at least one masculine conquest.

Zeus’s first wife is the Titan Themis, who is the goddess of justice. Themis is the ruler of Delphi before this noble task is taken over by Apollo. As her mother Gaia, she has the gift of prophecy. Themis gets three children with Zeus, the so-called goddesses of destiny (Fates or Moirai) who determine the fate of man. Subsequently, Zeus has a brief marriage with the goddess Metis. She tries to avoid his approaches, but eventually surrenders and becomes pregnant. Gaia warns Zeus that Metis will give birth to a daughter whose son will overthrow him, which makes Zeus swallow Metis. As the time of the birth approaches, Zeus gets a horrible headache, and his son, the blacksmith Hephaistos, has to strike his father with an ax. From his head, his daughter Athena jumps out with a rampant battle cry, so the sky and earth shake. At birth, she is wearing a shining armor of gold.

Zeus has an affair with the goddess Mnemosyne (the memory), with whom he shares nine nights in a row. The result of these associations are the nine muses who becomes the inspiration and protectors for the various beautiful arts, for example, Polyhymnia muse for the song, and Terpsikore muse for the dance. After an affair with the goddess Leto, he gets the twins Artemis and Apollo (although some claim that Kronos and Rhea were their parents – you can read about this in my blog post: The Creation of Earth ). 

Zeus also seduces Queen Leda of Sparta in the shape of a swan. One day Zeus, from the top of Mount Olympus, sees the beautiful Leda, as she baths in the local lake. Leda is married to King Tyndareus of Sparta, who jealously guards his lovely queen, but Zeus transforms himself into a swan and can thus approach Leda, and he ends up joining her in the water. Leda gives birth to the beautiful Helene (who will later become one of the reasons for the beginning of the Great War between Greece and Troy) and her sister Klytaimnestra (who becomes Agamemnon’s wife) as well as the twins Kastor and Pollux (who joins Jason in the pursuit of the golden skin). According to the legend, Zeus alone is the father of Pollux, while Kastor was the son of Tyndareus. 

On another occasion, he transforms himself into a beautiful white bull and abducts the Phoenician Princess Europe to Crete, where she gives birth to Minos, Rhadamanthus, and Sarpedon. Europe is then married to the local king Asterius, whom Zeus must give lavish gifts for the loss of his wife’s virtue. After Asterius’ death, Mino’s becomes the king of Crete. A bull seduces his wife, and she gives birth to the son Minotaurus, a mixture of a human and a bull. Theseus eventually kills the monster. After his death, Minos the wise is admitted to the court that judges souls of the dead in the Underworld.

In another case, Zeus is attracted to the mortal woman Alkmene, and he transforms himself, so he resembles her husband and seduces her. The result is the son Heracles, who is half human and half god. While Hercules is lying in the cradle, Hera sends two poisonous snakes to kill him, but Hercules seizes the two snakes and strangles them with his small hands. However, Hera does get her revenge. Hercules is married to Megara, and they have three children. Hera strikes Heracles with insanity, so he kills both his wife and their children. After his death, Hercules is brought to Olympia, where he marries Hebe.

Zeus also falls in love with Princess Danae, whose father, King Acrisius of Argos has locked her in a tower because it has been predicted that she will have a son who will cause King Acrisius death. Zeus visits the princess in the shape of golden rain, and the result of the visit becomes the hero Perseus. Princess Danae is banished together with her son. After Perseus has grown up, he accidentally kills Acrisius with a discus.

Finally, the young, beautiful Trojan prince, Ganymedes is kidnapped by Zeus in the shape of an eagle and led to Mount Olympus, where he becomes the servant and a server of the gods.

Next time I will tell the tale of Hera, Goddess of Marriage, family, and birth

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